Atlantic Physical Therapy Center NJ
Atlantic Physical Therapy Center NJ

Patient Reviews

Fantastic experience and very professional staff. Cured my vertigo in one session. Life changing. Thanks again.

I highly recommend Atlantic PT Center. Justin is phenomenal and knows what he’s doing. I seriously injured my ankles years ago and decided to see if PT could help manage the pain I’ve been in ever since. I have not been able to put much impact on my ankles for a long time, standing/walking/running becomes unbearable quickly, and I could not do squats without falling over due to lack of mobility. Within one visit Justin had identified how we could improve mobility in my ankles and I was able to squat that day. After a few weeks with Justin and following his at-home plan, I have noticed immense improvement. I can squat, I can walk miles at a time, and pain is minimal compared to before I started PT. The facility is extremely clean, well equipped, and very welcoming. Thanks Justin and Atlantic PT Center for your high quality care!

The Dayton location is the Best physical therapy experience I have ever had. Amazing approach and results. Highly Recommended. THE BEST!!!! Thank You..

Justin and everyone at Atlantic Physical Therapy are awesome. I broke my elbow in the middle of quarantine and was worried about going for PT, but they did an awesome job social distancing and sanitizing. I highly recommend seeing them if you need physical therapy!

The staff is amazing! Everyone is a pleasure to work with and they show such care in everyone I’ve seen walk in there office including myself. I felt like they listened to any issue I was having during my treatments. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! 5 stars in my book for sure.

My experience at this facility has been phenomenal. Each and every staff member has been courteous and helpful. Its always upbeat. The staff seem to genuinely have a good relationship with each other. I highly recommend this practice.

Bobby at Atlantic is very professional and set up a PT plan for my back issue. The faculty is large and clean. I appreciate the follow up email with a link to their website which has videos of the exercises we did and a plan for my home exercise practice. I would recommend them highly.

I was experiencing jaw, ear and neck pain for a long time. I could barely hear out of my right ear. I was told by an ENT doctor that I had TMJ. Nothing was working to help with the discomfort. My wife put a message on facebook asking if anyone knew what to do. Bobby at Atlantic PT responded to my wife and asked if I could come in for an evaluation. After three weeks of therapy I am feeling better than I have in a very long time. I have no pain, I can move my neck freely, and I can finally hear out of my right ear. Bobby, Steve, and the entire staff at Atlantic PT are very professional and they really take the time to listen and make you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend making an appointment if you are in any discomfort.

Atlantic Physical Therapy got me back in the water surfing after a bad ankle sprain! I did a few sessions of PT at another provider and was given a blanket ankle sprain treatment routine and sent on my way- this left me with limited range of motion, still limping, and not able to to what I love most; Surfing. Shane took more time exploring my symptoms than even the doctor did and he treated me for the specific issues I was having. After our first session I lost my limp and gained a lot of range of motion, after our second session I was back in the water. The facility is awesome and the staff create a great atmosphere. They take the time to really understand the problems you are having and the goals you have and set you on the path to reach your recovery goals.

I’ve been here only a few times, but every time it has been such a pleasurable experience. From walking or should I say, wheeling in the front door, to be greeted by Lisa the most friendly receptionist to Chris then Sana the physical therapist. Sana is the most caring, compassionate person I’ve ever come across. On my worst days, she always had me leaving with a smile. I would recommend Atlantic Physical Therapy to anyone, and look forward to working with them all in the future.

Our therapist was very knowledgeable and conducted a very thorough analysis and provided us with a lot of information during our initial consultation. I would highly recommend Atlantic.

I just had my last session today at APT in Shrewsbury & it was my best experience. The therapists are extremely knowledgeable & very hands-on. I never felt like just a body part in an assembly line as I have in the past at other facilities. Andrew, the aide, is also very knowledgeable & makes sure everyone is doing their exercises correctly. I’ve had numerous bad experiences with aides in the past, as well. I’m always greeted by the staff, they are all personable & friendly. I highly recommend this particular facility; hands down the best!!

This is a great place to go to. The people who work there are extremely pleasant. They are always happy and smiling. The best part is knowing how much they care about you. They are alwAys sure you are not in pain while exercising. They are most professional in every sense of the word. I would recommend this physical therapy clinic without reservation.

Many thanks for such a great PT experience! Everyone at Atlantic PT has been so friendly and knowledgeable. Each visit you are met with an assessment and customized PT care plan. The place is also super clean!