Do you accept my insurance?

Atlantic Physical Therapy Center is a participating provider with Medicare and most major insurance companies and plans. However, there are some HMO plans that we do not participate with. If you have an HMO PLAN, simply call one of our offices and ask the staff if we are a participating provider with your particular plan.

How much will physical therapy cost me?

The Out of Pocket Expenses for physical therapy differ based on insurance company and plan. If your insurance card lists co-pays amounts, physical therapy usually falls under the SPECIALIST column. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call one of our offices and a staff member will verify all insurance information and explain in detail all of your physical therapy benefits before you even schedule an appointment.

Do I need a prescription?

New Jersey is a Direct Access state for physical therapy services. It is legal for a person to come in for an evaluation and treatment without a prescription. Medicare and some insurance companies do require a prescription from a physician for reimbursement for physical therapy services. Please call one of our locations for information about your particular insurance coverage.

Will I see the same therapist for each visit?

The physical therapist in each of our offices do not travel between locations, meaning you will be guided by the same therapists for each of your physical therapy treatments.

How long does each treatment last?

Typically, a physical therapy treatment lasts approximately one hour. Treatment times will vary depending upon the treatment necessary for your individual situation. The ONLY time you will wait for treatment is during your initial evaluation. The reason for this is to allow the treating therapist time to appropriately prepare for your evaluation. For all subsequent visits, you will be seen at your scheduled appointment time without having to wait to be called back for treatment.

I have been to physical therapy before and did the same exercises every time I was there.

Atlantic Physical Therapy Center takes great pride in the outcomes it achieves for each and every one of its clients. At your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will thoroughly explain the details about your injury or surgery, set up a treatment plan and instruct you on a detailed Home Exercise Program for you to initiate at home. On each of your follow-up visits, your physical therapist will asses your progress and make the appropriate changes to your program to keep you moving toward your goals.