Atlantic Physical Therapy Center NJ
Atlantic Physical Therapy Center NJ

Lymphedema Treatment

Complete Decongestive Therapy

is a safe and effective treatment for lymphedema that helps to decrease the swelling in the limbs and maintain healthy skin. Our Certified Lymphedema Therapist is trained in manual lymph drainage techniques. This treatment is offered in a quiet & private treatment space inside the Colts Neck location of Holistic Healing Center / Atlantic Physical Therapy Center.

Is this the correct service for you?

Our CLT is a Licensed Massage Therapist (not a Physical Therapist). She works with adjustable compression wraps as opposed to bandages.

Initial Care Phase vs. Maintenence:

The initial care phase includes aggressive compression therapy and manual lymphatic drainage from 3 times a week to daily for several weeks.  The compression in the initial stage is frequently provided by bandages though sometimes adjustible compression garments may be used. If you are requiring more frequent treatment and wrapping with bandages, our CLT may not be the best fit for you. If you are using compresssion wraps and are looking for an alternate therapist to get in multiple treatments per week, or do not require treatment every day please give us a call to schedule at: 732-252-6155.

The second phase of lymphedema care, maintenence, involves additional compression garment sizing for day and night every 6 months and manual lymphedema drainage as needed. Our CLT does provide this long term care and garment fittings. To schedule please call: 732-252-6155.