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All the services you need for a healthy life!

Weight Management & Nutrition

Get a science-based plan customized to suit your dietary needs and meet your weight goals!

Personal Training & HEP Assistance

In person or virtual 1-on-1 training as well as assistence with your Post-PT Home Exercise Program


Discover your risk factors and then let us guide you in lowering them!


We can help you up your game!


Atlantic Exercise Physiology helps you live a longer, healthier life! Our advanced testing services provide you with a complete picture of your health and identify your risk of:

• Obesity
• Type II Diabetes
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Decreased Life Expectancy
• Lung Disease
• Musculoskeletal Injuries
• Low Back Pain
And More!


Our advanced testing services provide you a complete picture of your health and identifies your risk of: Type II Diabetes, Decreased Life Expectancy, Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Obesity, and more! Our new programs will help you increase your life expectancy, decrease your body fat, and improve your overall health.

Here are the steps we follow to increase your life expectancy.

1. Start: Determine your biological age.

2. Manage your cardiovascular, respiratory, and/or metabolic disease.

3. Maintain a healthy body weight.

4. Exercise for LONGEVITY

5. Eat at the right time of day.

6. Finish: Optimize your breathing for focus and posture.


Weight Management

Whether you are tackling obesity, losing fat, or building muscle, managing your weight is difficult!

Receive a Registered Dietician approved diet plan based on your metabolism. Our diet plans accounts for all your preferences and restrictions, includes smart alternatives, auto-regulates with workouts & food log, and integration with all fitness trackers making reaching your weight goals much easier.

Here are the steps we follow to help you achieve your weight goals.

1. Start: Following the right exercise program for fat loss.

2. Eating the right number of calories.

3. Eating the right vitamins and minerals.

4. Choosing the right ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

5. Eating at the right time of day.

6. Finish: Prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

Why do 9 out of 10 diets fail?

Personal Training & HEP Assistance

Done with PT? Work with our Wellness Coach and Injury Prevention Specialist, Laura Goldsmith, to help you transistion safely back to the gym, back onto the team, or help you maintain what you gained in PT without taking risks that could put you back into therapy!

Home Exercise Program (HEP) Assistance - $50/Month

Laura will modify (HEP) as needed to get the most out of your Physical Therapy experience and keep you on track with your injury prevention goals

  • 2 check-ins per month (30-45 min), one in-person and one virtual
  • One-on-one assistance with your Home Exercise Program (HEP)
  • Additional check-ins can be scheduled for an extra $50/session (30 min)

All in-person sessions are at your local Atlantic PT office

1-on-1 Personal Training - $70/1-hr in person or $50/1-hr virtual

One-on-one training session with Laura, customized to your individual needs and goals

  • Includes access to all your workouts we complete together via an app

All in-person sessions are at your local Atlantic PT office

Virtual Personal Training Program - $100 for the first month, $50/month for subsequent months

One-on-one training sessions with Laura, customized to your individual needs and goals to help you achieve more and stay on track for the long run!

First month payment includes:

  • 1.5 hour in-person initial assessment
  • personal training app onboarding
  • first month of programming

Monthly payment includes:

  • one month of exercise programming via personal training app, tailored specifically to your goals and available equipment
  • unlimited access to the Wellness Coach via app direct messaging to ask questions and send form check videos
  • monthly virtual check in (30-60mins) to discuss progress, goals, and next month’s programming

Option to add in-person one-on-one training sessions for $70/session All in-person sessions are at your local Atlantic PT office


We use our advanced testing to identify if your cardiovascular, respiratory, or metabolic system is limiting your health or athletic performance. Then receive an Exercise Prescription (ExRx) tailored to your physiology and health history to target, correct your limiting factors, and meet your goals.

Here are the steps we take to help increase your performance.

1. Start: Find out if your heart, lungs, and/or muscles is negatively impacting your health.

2. Get the right exercise prescription

3. Exercise at YOUR training zones (Heart Rate & Fuel Consumption)

4. Eating properly before and after exercising

5. Eating at the right times during the day

6. Finish: Making the right choices.

Take Your Sports Performance to an Olympic Level

Metabolic Testing is the GOLD standard for exercise and nutrition programming. For years, these services have been previously limited to individuals at Olympic & Elite Training Centers, NASA, and Exercise Science Laboratories at Universities. Access every aspect of your sports performance.

Membership Pricing

(Longevity, Weight Management and Performance Programs)

We offer pricing for individual tests & services, but in order to help you see results, we have created these membership packages that offer a discount when you make a longer commitment to your health journey. If you aren’t sure where to start, SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATAION and we will help you decide which option would be best for you.


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