Atlantic Physical Therapy Center NJ
Atlantic Physical Therapy Center NJ

Dry Needling is

 a procedure where a dry needling certified PT inserts acupuncture style needles into various muscle, tendon, ligament or myofascial tissues in order to enact a change to those tissues. Needling can be used to reduce tone and relax muscles while creating a healing environment for the tissues. Needling can help inhibited muscles increase their firing capacity, restoring normal tissue relationships. Whether turning on or turning off of muscles is performed, the ultimate goal is reduced pain and improved function. Your trained PT will know which procedures are needed for your condition.

Doctor’s orders / prescription is required to receive dry needling from a PT. 

Dry Needling is not

acupuncture. Acupuncture is an Eastern Philosophy medicine, whereby the needles are placed into meridians with the goal of restoring normal “flow of life force”. While the application of the needling procedure is similar and some points are shared between acupuncture and dry needling, we note that the science behind the methods is different.