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Atlantic Physical Therapy Center NJ
Little Egg Harbor Physical Therapist Jim Flaherty

Jim Flaherty, PT, CEAS

Area Director & Little Egg Harbor Physical Therapist, Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

Jim credits his wonderful family upbringing in Jackson, NJ that taught him to help and respect others, for his inevitable entrance into the health field. As a high school student involved in many athletic activities, physical therapy just seemed like a natural fit for Jim. By the time he was a Junior in high school, he was pretty confident in his decision to pursue physical therapy as a career.
Jim earned his degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Scranton and started working for Atlantic Physical Therapy Center in 2004. He is currently the clinical director of the Little Egg Harbor location.
Jim’s passion for helping every one of his patients reach their goals has fueled him to continue his education and obtain several certifications. He has an Ergonomics Assessment Specialist Certification which allows him to instruct people in learning proper body mechanics with different work activities and teach them how to move safer to avoid repetitive strain type injuries. This includes assisting people with proper workstation posture and set up as well as identifying possible risks with daily work activities that may be putting unnecessary strain on the back and neck.
He has a certification as a golf fitness instructor through the “Back to Golf” organization allowing him to take his love of the game and his skills and knowledge as a Physical Therapist and help his fellow golfers. His training allows him to identify golf swing faults that may be contributing to different musculoskeletal pain issues, help people with more appropriate and efficient setups and golf swings to reduce strain and improve performance as well as help set up proper golf fitness programs to help improve their game and prevent future injuries.
Jim also holds certifications from the International Weightlifting Association as a Certified Weight Trainer (CWT) and a Strength Training Specialist (STS). He is currently pursuing a Senior Fitness Certification to help the active adult community stay fit safely with proper strength training interventions.
Jim and his wife have three awesome children and an adorable and silly golden retriever named Murphy. They live near the Jersey Shore and Jim enjoys using his skills to help his children in their athletic endeavors, coaching them, helping them recover from minor injuries and keeping them involved in community events. He teaches them by example, with helping others being a common core family value. Jim and his four brothers run a charity organization called the “Denise Marie Flaherty Memorial Foundation” where they raise money for cancer research and support for local families in need of financial assistance as they battle cancer. The organization was set up in memory of their mother, who passed away after a long battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma back in 1993 and they certainly honor her memory by giving back to local families in need.
His physical therapy career gives Jim the ability to help others on a daily basis. He loves the patient interaction and how his day is never boring. “I love being about to help people dealing with such a variety of issues and know that I have the knowledge to help them achieve their recovery goals.”

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