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Golf & The Lower Extremities: March 23rd at 6PM

Golf & The Neck/Upper Extremities: April 20th at 6PM

Golf & Increasing Power: May 18th at 6PM

Join us for a series of FREE Zoom Meetings to discuss, how limitations in your body affect your golf swing. The discussion will include golf-related screens and exercises to help improve your swing, prevent injuries and increase your power!

TPI Certified
Golf Mobility & Swing Analysis

Learn to Move & Feel Better Golfing!

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has amassed swing data ranging from golf enthusiasts to top professionals. TPI was able to determine how functional limitations adversely affect the golf swing and may lead to injury. TPI analyzed how a properly functioning body enables players to swing a golf club as efficiently as possible.

The TPI Certified Physical Therapists at Atlantic Physical Therapy Center will take you through a 16 point screen, to find your physical limitations and create a custom program to help address them. Experience the benefits of having a golf swing analysis that will give you the knowledge and tools to move better and play a better game, while preventing injuries.

This is out of pocket service and is not covered by insurance. Please call a participating office for more information on this service.