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Functional Capacity Evaluations

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Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s)

FCE’s utilize advanced technology and testing techniques. Utilizing the similar data collection and analysis system for analyzing Olympic caliber athletes, special effects for movies, or “life-like” movement in video games, objective data from Examinees is generated to determine functional ability. Examinees are tested for performance efficiency in strength, basic movement skills such as walking and balance, and complicated skills related to specific job-related tasks.

Results are used by physicians, case managers, employers, attorneys, and/or insurance specialists to make educated decisions concerning treatment, return to work, or legal issues.

Read how a Kinematic FCE helped uphold an appellate court ruling in Middlesex County.

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FAQ’s About Functional Capacity Evaluations:

What is a Kinematic Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)?
A Kinematic FCE is a non-invasive, computer-based evaluation designed to create an objective report on your current functional abilities. In most cases, the report compares your demonstrated functional ability to your fully duty job tasks. The Kinematic FCE utilizes motion capture technology and kinetic force plate technology to accurately measure and analyze your motion, strength capabilities and safe work ability.
Who ordered this test for me?
Typically an injured worker’s treating physician, nurse case manager, or employer orders the Kinematic FCE. Atlantic Kinematics is a third party, brought in to provide an objective report detailing your motion and strength abilities.
Will this test tell the physician/insurance company my pain level?
This test can only give the physician/insurance company information about your current functional capability. No test can objectively measure pain, as everyone perceives pain differently.
Will this test tell the doctor/insurance company what my injury is or why I still have pain?
A Kinematic FCE is not a diagnostic test. This means that our test will not tell the doctor why you are in pain, how you were injured, what your specific injury is, or when you will be fully recovered. Our test is a tool used to measure your current ability and determine the next step in your treatment plan.
How long will the test take?
A typical Kinematic FCE lasts about an hour and a half. However, depending on the extent of your injuries, the test may last longer. The Exam is structured such that if you require a rest break at any time, you may take one.
What should I wear to a Kinematic FCE?
Dress comfortably with comfortable shoes as well.
Should I take my medication before attending a Kinematic FCE?
Follow your daily routine with regards to your medication.
Am I going to be seen by a doctor during this evaluation?
The standard Kinematic FCE team consists of a licensed physical therapist and a biomechanist. Together, the physical therapist and the biomechanist will conduct your evaluation.
How are the results of this evaluation reported?
Following the initial evaluation, the biomechanist and physical therapist analyze and evaluate your data and produce a report detailing your abilities as demonstrated during the Kinematic FCE. This analysis period takes approximately one week. After the report is completed, it is faxed to your physician, as well as your insurance company.
Can I get a copy of my Kinematic FCE report?
The best way for you to attain a copy of your Kinematic FCE report is to inquire through your insurance nurse case manager, or through your treating physician.
Will I have to return to Atlantic Kinematics for a follow-up evaluation?
Typically the Kinematic FCE is a one-time evaluation. On occasion, a physician/insurance company may request another Kinematic FCE after further treatment, but usually it is a one-time test.
What do I need to bring to the Kinematic FCE?
Please bring your prescription if you have it, but it is not absolutely essential, as in most cases, your physician has faxed your prescription to us already. It is not necessary for you to bring any MRI films, X-ray films, or any other medical notes with you to the evaluation. Please bring our paperwork filled out to the best of your ability. If you did not receive the paperwork in the mail, please arrive a few minutes early to the FCE, to give yourself time to fill it out.
Can I wear lotion or deodorant?
Deodorant is permitted, however please do not use any skin lotion. Body lotion or baby oil makes it difficult for our motion capture markers to stick to your skin.
Do I have to fast the night before the FCE?
You are free to eat on your normal schedule prior to a Kinematic FCE.
What is the most important thing I need to remember about the Kinematic FCE?
Most important, above all, is to remember to DO YOUR BEST during the evaluation. Giving us your best effort enables us to give your physician/insurance company the best possible report, which will help the physician to make well-informed decision about the next step in your treatment plan.
What if I want to re-schedule my Kinematic FCE?
Since our tests are one-time evaluations, we typically encourage our Examinees to try their best to attend the FCE. However, if circumstances are such that the FCE must be rescheduled, the first step is to contact your insurance nurse case manager and/or treating physician. Our office policy is that no FCE rescheduling can be done without approval by the party that scheduled the original FCE. After approval for an appointment change from your insurance nurse case manager and/or your treating physician, we will be happy to go through with the re-schedule. CONTACT US ABOUT AN FCE AT 732-714-1907.

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