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Employee Survey

    1. The new employee orientation met your needs as a new employee of Atlantic Physical Therapy Center.

    2. In the first 4 weeks of the onboarding process, what could we have done differently to make it a better experience?

    3. What changes would you recommend for the new employee orientation?

    4. What has been going well/not well in your first four weeks?

    5. I am receiving adequate supervision and feeling comfortable engaging with my clinic director.

    6. I am satisfied with the availability of my director.

    7. My clinic director clearly explained expectations and followed up with me

    8. What have you liked about the training you have received? Or have not liked?
    9. I have enough time to complete work.

    10. Based on my experience thus far I would recommend Atlantic Physical Therapy Center as a good place to work.

    11. Why or why not?

    12. Do you have any questions about the company in general, policies, procedure, etc?

    13. What can we do for you?