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Atlantic Physical Therapy Center
Hand therapy Center NJ
Pelvic Health and Wellness

Atlantic Performance Institute Brick NJ
Atlantic Performance Institute
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Personal Training

Tell us your personal fitness goals. We will create a program that will help you reach them.

Sports Specific Training

Soccer, football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, weight lifting, and running.
API was started and is run by Brick Physical Therapists, Shane Capone and Chris MacIntosh. Both Therapists have an enormous passion for physical health and the ability for their clients and athletes to safely reach their maximum potential. Together they have created a program specific for ACL reconstruction patients to safely return to their sport as well as a quick 5 minute screen to evalute an athlete’s risk for a non-contact ACL tear.
API services are out of pocket services as insurance will not cover these costs. For more information on costs or coverage of these services, contact the Brick location.