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Atlantic Physical Therapy Center NJ
You may read that and think, “How can I move BEFORE I move?” 

With many conditions, (especially with acute injuries or chronic arthritis) there is a specific pattern to our pain: 

  1. I feel good when I am sitting or still
  2. I have pain when I initially go to move and get up, often having to take several steps before my pain begins to subside 
  3. Once I get going the pain starts to get better 
  4. If I am too active for too long I start to have pain again 
  5. I sit down and rest and I feel better
  6. I go to get up and I have pain again 
  7. The cycle repeats all day long.  

If this sounds like you, you want to MOVE BEFORE YOU MOVE 

It is rare in our lives that we must get up emergently to attend to some “disaster” that required immediate attention. You probably can’t think of many (or any) in your recent memory. So more often than not we know we are going to get up.

 “When the next commercial comes on, I am going to go get a drink.” 

“When I finish this chapter of the book, I am going to get a snack.” 

“When I finish this game of candy crush, I am going to start making lunch.” 

So, what we need to do in those last few moments before we get up, is get our body primed and ready for activity.  

If you have knee pain with getting up:

Before you actually stand up, while sitting, march your legs 10 to 20 times, then kick your legs 10 – 20 times. Move your legs and then get up.  

If you have pain in your low back:

Roll your pelvis forwards and back, tip your trunk left and right, rotate your trunk left and right. If you are laying on your back, pull your knee to your chest and alternate legs; bend your knees then roll your knees left and right. Get the spine and hips moving a little. Then get out of bed.  

For more specific tips on how “Moving Before You Move” can help, schedule an appointment with your local APTC office.  

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Jeremy Breden is the Clinic Director and PT at the Manalapan location.

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