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YOGA Modifications:

Child's Pose Modifications:

Child's Pose Modification 1 

Arms crossed under your forehead (you can also add a pillow/block) or using 1-2 pillows under hips to elevate your hips (recommended with knee/hip problems/tightness).  Another alternative is to straight the legs completely and let toes fall out to the sides of the mat.

Squat Pose Modification


Modifications include the use of a block or stool to support you, or can be done lying on your back and pulling your knees into your chest, drawing them towards the outside of your body or armpits.

Happy Baby Pose Modifications


Modifications include reaching to the backs of your calves or thighs.  You can also come into the pose with one leg at a time (reaching for the foot, calf, or thigh) while trying to keep the opposite hip down.