Congratulations on your new baby! Right now all of your time and energy is likely being spent on taking care of a new little life, but while everyone is focussing on the baby, your body is also trying to heal from 9 months of stretching and growing as well as recover from the trauma from giving birth, whether vaginally or via c-section.

Freehold Physical Therapist, Theresa Feeley, was inspired after the birth of her second baby to compile the following videos to help other women recovering from childbirth. She covers a variety of topics from ways to help your posture and eliminate back pain while caring for a newborn to diastasis recti (the splitting of your abdominals) and kegels.

These videos are meant to provide healthy women with a safe starting place for stretching and exercises, as well as information on some of the above topics after going through pregnancy. For a thorough evaluation and personalized program of specific exercises to keep you pain free and healthy after pregnancy, contact Theresa Feeley at the Freehold office.

***Always consult with your OBGYN if you have any health questions regarding exercise while pregnant or after pregnancy. This is especially important if you have a history of cardiovascular disease or have had any other complications during your pregnancy or during or after your delivery. It is always important to listen to your body during exercise. Warning signs to stop exercise and immediately contact your physician include significant swelling in hands/legs, dizziness or fainting, severe headache, changes in vision or increase in heart rate or blood pressure that does not return to resting values. Make sure that you stay properly hydrated, and dress in light layers to avoid over-heating. Remember, when it doubt always be safe and ask your OBGYN about any concerning symptoms.***