Testimonials – What our Clients have to say…..

Today was my last visit to your Whiting Center.  I have been going to this location recommended by my orthopedic since mid May.  I could not let the day end without thanking you gentlemen for first starting your business and secondly employing Jim Flaherty, PT and Eric Basilotto.  This has been one of the best medical experiences I have had in my 77 years on this planet!  I have completed you survey and left it at the Whiting facility.  I had mentioned to you Mike how impressed I was with Jim and Erics ability to work so well and efficiently together with the patients.  I did want to share a few more of my observations of their effectiveness with me as a patient and others that I observed during my three months of therapy!  First of all, they restored my mobility back to what it was before I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis!  They worked so well together I felt within a couple of sessions I would be able to walk again without pain and I have!  Jim diligently developed an exercise program that works for me and now I feel I can control the pain if it should return through these exercises which I will do daily!  But the most important part of the experience is the demeanor of both men in dealing with me and my observation with other patients that I have never seen before in prior therapies I have completed!  They are just pleasant and encouraging people with a smile and showing interest in our success in recovery!  They are a winning team that makes it all happen!  So gentlemen I thank you sincerely for the experience I had during the time I was recovering from the pain I had!

Sincerely, Frank (Whiting Patient)

Hi Roland:

I just wanted to say “thank-you” to you and your team for getting me back on my feet during the time that I had physical therapy for my hip replacement.  I couldn’t have done it without the therapy and the encouragement that you and your staff offered. 

I only wish you and the staff the best in your professional careers and journey thru life in “working the dream”!  I will be thinking of all of you as I sit back and enjoy my “sunset years”.  If I didn’t have the hip replaced and the therapy, I probably would have ended up a “crankety old geezer”!  Thank-you again.

Tom M.  (A “HIP” Patient)

Dear Mike, Michelle, Tracey, Keren, Kristin and Marybeth,

Thank you so much for all of your efforts the last couple of months!  I cannot believe how much better my back is, and I credit it to all of your hard work and dedication.  It was such a pleasure working with all of you!  I will visit (hopefully not as a patient).  Again, thank you for all that you do!

Love,  Jenn V.